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Unravel chronic stress, burnout, persistent pain and fatigue. Build a life that feels right for you.

I’m Amy, an Embodiment Coach and Somatic Practitioner. I specialise in supporting people that think, do or give too much. That are kind, intelligent, thoughtful and big hearted. For various (incredibly valid) reasons, at some point in life these sensitivities may have been deemed a weakness. A tendency to block out emotions and disconnect from the body, living head first ensued.  

Life may outwardly look great but feel hard. Perhaps you struggle with close relationships, rest and in feeling valued and seen both personally and professionally. You may feel that you constantly need to improve or develop yourself.  

You may be experiencing health symptoms or have found that your body has ‘said no’ with burnout or the onset of persistent pain or fatigue. The life you built is no longer working for you. You need new ways to rebuild your physical, mental and emotional health, along with practical support in how to identify and shape a life that is right for you.

I help people reconnect to the intelligence of their whole being. With this insight, I guide them to work with their body, mind and felt sense to explore new ways to think, feel, move, relate and be. This creates fresh options in areas where they may have previously felt stuck or acted out of habit.

This work can lead to profound effects on how you experience and navigate both your inner and outer worlds.

Following our time together, clients often report a greater sense of clarity, direction, ease and joy.

I draw upon modern pain science and a variety of holistic techniques to help people:

  • Build nervous system capacity. Helping them move out of states of chronic dysregulation. This can help reduce or release symptoms of chronic pain, fatigue or dysautonomia. 
  • Process challenging emotions or stuck energy from difficult experiences.
  • Accept where they currently are, whilst also working towards the changes they desire.
  • Learn to be a really good friend to themselves.
  • Unravel unhelpful habits and build new, more supportive ones.
  • Make and/or navigate change.
  • Connect to who they really are; underneath their conditioning, coping mechanisms and what has happened to them.
  • Develop healthy boundaries and ways of connecting with others.
  • Learn how to rest and better manage their energy levels.
  • Identify and build a life that is in alignment with their true selves and needs.
  • Connect to purpose and intuition 
  • Find more joy in life.

My aim is to empower clients and make this work practical, sustainable and easy to integrate into their everyday lives.