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Cultivating awareness is at the heart of everything I teach. With this insight, I guide people to work with their body and felt sense to explore new ways to think, feel, move, relate and be. This creates fresh options in areas where we may have previously ‘felt stuck’ or acted out of habit.

This work can lead to profound effects on how we experience our inner and outer worlds. Clients often report a greater sense of clarity, direction, ease and joy, in both movement and life.

I specialise in supporting individuals experiencing stress, burnout, persistent pain and fatigue through coaching, movement and meditation. I draw upon modern pain science and a variety of holistic techniques to help people with regaining movement patterns, improving strength and mobility, nervous system regulation, pacing and energy management, acceptance, working towards change, improving feelings of self worth, determining and expressing boundaries, building supportive relationships and much more.

My aim is to empower clients and make this work practical, sustainable and easy to integrate into our everyday modern lives.