Hello, I’m Amy. A certified Embodiment Coach and Somatic Practitioner. 

I often refer to myself as a ‘recovering over-doer’. Living in my body, rather than my head is something that I have had to work on over the years.  

I began coaching people in my former management roles in media organisations. It was here, I first trained as a mental health first aider.  

In 2018, I developed a pain and fatigue condition. As life as I knew it crumbled, I committed to healing and building an authentic life for myself. Already studying yoga, I deepened my knowledge on the ‘mind body connection’, ultimately discovering that there isn’t really a divide.

I became fascinated with learning about the nervous system, modern pain science and the impact of chronic stress and trauma.   

I spent a lot of time on the floor. Meditating and moving gently when able to. I learnt how to tune into my needs, feel and process my feelings and regain movement patterns. I slowed down and developed my ability to feel safe, in doing so. My pain gradually diminished and energy levels increased over time. My relationship with myself blossomed. I connected to what it is I truly value from life and how I could best be of service to others.

Once well enough, I took additional training to develop my repertoire of skills, so I could support people going through their own challenges. Whilst my lived experience is helpful, I know that we are all individual and wanted to ensure that I applied rigour and range to the methods, I could offer. I am always learning and believe there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. Everything needs to be tailored to the person in question.   

I set up my business to help others on their path. From unravelling chronic stress, burnout, persistent pain and fatigue conditions, to helping people figure out what this ‘being human gig’ means to them. Supporting them in enriching their relationships to themselves and others, whilst building joyful, embodied and authentic lives.   

I work with a wide range of clients of all ages and backgrounds – from those bed bound from pain, fatigue, illness or burnout to those with busy and active lifestyles. I work both online and in person. I am based in South Yorkshire in the UK.

Training Overview

March 2024: Yoga Therapy for Chronic Fatigue, Burnout & Long Covid Workshop, delivered by Fiona Agombar and Nadyne McKie via The Yoga Teachers Forum

September 2023 – December 2023: Focalizing Practitioner (45 Hour Trauma Informed, Somatic Healing Certification) taught by Jo Miller and Nick Werber, via The Focalizing Institute

June 2022 – September 2022: Integrative Somatic Parts Work (25 Hour Certificate Programme), taught by Frances D Booth LICSW via The Embody Lab

April 2022: Working with Chronic Pain – The Somatic Connection Masterclass, with Dr Peter Levine via The Embody Lab.

July 2021 to September 2021: Certification of Embodiment Coaching, course delivered and accredited by Embodiment Unlimited.

September 2017 to July 2021: 500hr Registered Yoga Teacher Training, AT Yoga, course tutor Emma Lloyd, accredited by the Independent Yoga Network.

July 2021: QA Level 3, Emergency First Aid at Work, accredited by Crystal Clear First Aid Training Ltd.

December 2020: Improving Chronic Illnesses by Reducing Allostatic Load Masterclass, tutor Jessica Maguire, Jessica Maguire Physiotherapy.

August 2020: Vagus Nerve Masterclass, tutor Jessica Maguire, Jessica Maguire Physiotherapy.

July 2020: Yoga as a Somatic Practice (4 hours CPD), workshop facilitator Susanne Lahusen, accredited by Yoga Campus.

June 2020: Pilates Therapy Hypermobility Module (7 hours), tutor Bonnie Southgate.

September 2019 to November 2019: Remembering Michael Stone: Foundations in Teaching Mindfulness Meditation, course facilitator Dixie Turner, accredited by Yoga Campus.

October 2019 to November 2019: Teaching Yoga for Stress, Burnout, Chronic Fatigue & ME, Yoga Campus, course tutors Leah Barnett and Charlotte Watts, 35 hour CPD accredited by Yoga Alliance.

May 2019 to July 2019: Breathworks, Mindfulness for Health, 8 week course, completed via Manchester Living with Fatigue and Pain service.

February 2019: Anatomy for Teacher Training level 300 (15 hours CPD), accredited by David Keil, Yoga Anatomy.

June 2017: British Wheel of Yoga Foundation Course Level 1, course tutor Emma Lloyd.

April 2017 – MSP in Programme Management: Foundation and Practitioner level, accredited by the Chartered Institute for IT.

June 2016 – Coaching Skills for Leaders, course ran and accredited by the BBC Academy.

May 2015 (last refreshed in April 2022): Mental Health First Aid Standard course completed via MHFA England.