Awareness & Embodiment Practices for Nervous System Regulation

This post is based upon  a talk I delivered to Stockport ME Group on Friday 11th June 2021. Nervous system (NS) dysregulation is a key component of pain and fatigue conditions. In this session I talked about how awareness and body-based practices can help improve the function of our nervous system. We can think of the nervous system as having 3 ‘branches’: 1) Parasympathetic/ventral vagal/social engagement/‘rest and digest’… Continue reading Awareness & Embodiment Practices for Nervous System Regulation

The Negativity Bias

Neuroscience coined the term “negativity bias” to describe the innate human tendency to focus on the ‘bad’/less satisfactory aspects of our experience. Whilst we can place our head in our hands at this knowledge, it is an important part of our evolution. Being aware of ‘threats’ has enabled us to survive as a species. It… Continue reading The Negativity Bias

Sensory Rest

Consciously taking sensory rest can be an incredibly beneficial tool, when managing fatigue.  What is sensory rest?    In modern life, we are frequently exposed to a large variety of ongoing, sensory input – think; sound, light, smell etc. Our nervous system is constantly taking in this information as a means of assessing the perceived level… Continue reading Sensory Rest

On Pain

We are all familiar with pain. Most of us have encountered some sort of injury or illness and the uncomfortable physical sensations that arise from this. The purpose of pain and how it works as a function are however less widely understood. Acute pain is physical sensation that is tied to tissue damage – say… Continue reading On Pain