On Embodiment Coaching

Somatic movement and embodiment based practices have had a profound effect on me. As part of my recovery from intense and prolonged pain, I turned my attention towards the subtle aspects of how I moved throughout everyday life. I learnt how my history and often subconscious thoughts about myself and the world around me were being expressed through my body. This created a feedback loop. My whole being embodying these restrictive states.

What does this look like, you might ask? Well, some of my personal initial discoveries were:

  • I noticed that each time I left the house for a former job, I clenched the shoulder strap of my bag, fiercely. My body in defence mode. Fist clenched. Body and breath braced for conflict. On a physiological level, I was ‘firing’ up my sympathetic nervous system (fight/flight mode) in anticipation of the day ahead. Excess energy being used for this state of activation. I was creating and prolonging tension in the body.
  • I walked so quickly that I was creating a posture that again embodied sympathetic dominance. Head forward. Anterior pelvic tilt. I was exploiting excess range of motion in my hips for a wide stride (at the time I was not aware of/had not yet been diagnosed with hypermobility). Again, not so great for energy efficiency or sustainability of movement (wear and tear on the body)
  • My shoulders had taken on a resting position of turning or curling inwards. An embodiment of defence mode. Not wanting to take up space. Appearing and feeling smaller than I am. An expression of insecurities and fear. A loop of constriction. Once more – Subconscious beliefs impacting the body and breath. The body and breath, impacting the nervous system and the mind. This posture again prolonging sympathetic activation. Draining energy.

These are just some examples. They may or may not resonate for you. All of our patterns and tendencies are as unique and individual as we are.

The foundation of all of my work is in helping people develop awareness of their habits. I offer a range of tools, techniques and points of inquiry to support you in exploring what is arising for you. Helping you notice your tendencies, offering new options and holding space to support you in working through this; physically, mentally and emotionally. I do not believe in a ‘one size fits all approach’. I offer a wide range of tools, so that we can find what works for you. I am a trauma sensitive practitioner and believe in promoting personal agency and choice. I do not ‘tell you what to do’ but guide you in developing your sensing and self regulation abilities to harness and interpret the innate wisdom of your body and being.

Why You may Wish to Explore this Work?

My personal practice, is such a rich and fascinating journey. New layers are constantly being uncovered. Life feels very different. Rich and fulfilling. Much less physical and emotional pain. Greater ease and joy in movement and life. A deeper sense of calm and confidence in myself. A growing ability to hold all that I am and what this messy yet beautiful life offers.

Many of my clients report that they feel this work supports:

  • Better sleep
  • A greater sense of calm
  • Reduction in worry and anxious thoughts
  • Increased confidence and range in how they show up to situations
  • Reduction in pain and fatigue levels
  • Improvement in feelings of self worth
  • A safe space to explore difficult emotions and practical tools to better deal with these in everyday life
  • A greater sense of resilience
  • Developing feelings of empowerment and personal agency
  • A kinder, more compassionate relationship with their body
  • Ability to listen to and trust their body
  • Improvements in how they relate and connect with others authentically
  • Better boundaries
  • Greater confidence in movement

Sharing these practices with others brings me so much joy and meaning. Connecting with amazing people and having the privilege of hearing your stories and supporting you in your journey of self discovery is an honour.

If you would like to work together, I offer a complimentary/no obligation 20 minute discovery call to discuss what you would like to explore and help us decide if working together is a good fit.

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