Workplace Wellbeing

Group Yoga & Somatic Movement

Provide employees with a friendly and accessible approach to movement that is beneficial for both mind and body.

Yoga and somatic movement have been shown to reduce stress, alleviate tension, increase energy levels and improve mobility and strength.

Prior to commencing sessions, I will consult with you as a company to find out your employees requirements. For example, this could be a combination of stress relief and targeted movement to support staff that are primarily working at a desk.

Inclusivity is at the heart of my teaching. Sessions will be tailored, so that they are supportive to the access and health needs of each group.

Each 60 min session is £100 (online) or £125 (in person)

Up to 12 employees can attend per session (equivalent to £8.33 – £10 pp)

An Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation – 8 Week Course

Offer your employees a practical and interactive experience of mindfulness and meditation. Each week, staff will:

  • Experience a relaxing, guided group meditation.
  • Learn about the key underlying principles, concepts and wellbeing benefits of mindfulness.
  • Be offered practical tips to develop and integrate, greater present moment awareness in daily life.
  • Learn how to begin a home meditation practice that works for them as an individual.
  • Connect with others, whilst discussing the practice and application of mindfulness techniques as a group.

£1050 per course (hosted online) or £1250 (in person)

Up to 12 delegates per session (equivalent to £125 per session/ or £10.42 per delegate per session)

Tools for Resilience & Stress Reduction – Workshop

In this informative workshop, delegates will learn exactly what stress *is* and how it impacts our mind, body and state of wellbeing.

We will look at the latest psychological thought on how to manage stress and build resilience, through an embodiment based lens.

Staff will be offered experiential practices to recognise how stress feels in the body and how we can best work with our body, to bring ourselves back to a calmer and more centred state. These are practical, ‘quick win’ tools and techniques that can be done at your desk or in the midst of an important meeting.

2 hour workshop

£250 per session (online) or £300 (in person) . Up to 12 attendees per session.

Please contact me via to discuss wellbeing sessions for your workplace, business or organisation.